Careers with PASCB

PASCB operates at the highest domain of conformity assessment activities across the world and intend to hire the Assessors who want to work with PASCB and invite the Lead Assessors to be empanel with PASCB for assessment activities. We are one of the few Autonomous Accreditation board operating in the global market. We promise to help the business, government and Society treating people in positive manner and facilitating work environment that is conducive to the technical enhancement and commitment towards the Quality, as a result PASCB delivers and build trust of the stakeholders worldwide.

Please forward your details in case you wish to make a career in conformity assessment/accreditation domain to our email [email protected] for the current position:

  1. Lead Assessors
  2. Peer reviewer
  3. Internal Auditor
  4. Chairman, Coordinating Committee of PASCB.
  5. Techncial Expert for ISO 22003 (ISO 22003)
  6. Technical Expert for ISO 13485 (ISO 17021)
  7. Technical Expert for ISO 27001 (ISO 27006)

Please mail the details to CEO, PASCB with the designation.