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PASCB is an autonomous accreditation board and Regulatory Authority of the PASCB are vested with PASCB Governing board. PASCB undertakes assessment of Certification and Inspection Bodies applying for accreditation as per the Board’s criteria in line with international standards and guidelines. The Board offers accreditation to the Certification bodies and Inspection Bodies.

PASCB will provide service to the satisfaction of its customers in accordance with the international norms and requirements. PASCB is committed to provide equal opportunity to all the applicants with highest regard to transparency, integrity, and confidentiality.

The Board has decided to provide accreditation services to certification / Inspection Bodies established as legal entities worldwide. However relevant locations of the certification / inspection body in other countries may be included in the accreditation process.

PASCB’s policy is pursued by complying to the ISO 17011 “Conformity assessment — General requirements for accreditation bodies accrediting conformity assessment bodies” and other requirements and Documents.

Ensure Impartiality

Governing Board

Technical Advisory Committee

Accreditation grant comittee is constituted on case to case basis and informaiton of Comittee can be made available to the CAB whose application is under process.